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Dear Diabola . I am very embarrassed about being short. It used to be okay but now my feelings have escalated. I cannot go out of the house and have been made redundant - I think it is to do with my height. I long to have a romantic life but can’t bring myself to write the figures on the internet form. What I am to do? . Ben

There are worse things in life than being short - like being shot at, abducted, serious illness or living in grinding poverty. Tall people appear to have the advantage but take a closer look - how many combine a whole look, and who just look ridiculous - taking up space and exploiting natural resources? Be proud of how you can get so much done with less. There are many body types to celebrate now - including many pathological conditions. If it’s all too much on the romantic front, find a specially dedicated website. I’m sure one exists. Also, many people have been made redundant at this point and the terminology is very unfortunate. There are more factors at work than height alone. Diabola

Dear Diabola . My mother is a pain in the ass. She nags me constantly about choosing which profession I am going to go in and makes me do household chores, calling me a spoilt brat. She bursts in when I’m trying to have a wank and I think this is deliberate. She is on at me all the time to mow the lawn once a week when it only needs doing occasionally. When I object she says I’m a stupid little shit. I am at my wit’s end . Todd Baines (14)

Your mother is obviously at a point in life when she is wondering what the point was, including you. Many women make the mistake of greeting their sons like the second coming - which they are - and then proceeding to treat them like husbands. Is there another relative you can live with who is less on your case about everything? There is nothing wrong with being spoilt, as this means you are loved, but it won’t last forever. Get a girlfriend instead, and try to practice non-attachment. Diabola


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